From The Fire

Leadership Academyfor Young Men

From The Executive Director: 

“From The Fire Leadership Academy For Young Men (FTF) has its origins in At The Well Leadership Academy for Young Women (ATW).  Like its Big Sister, FTF is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization that enriches the lives of young male scholars from various socio-economic backgrounds.  And as its Sister does, FTF empowers and propels its Scholars toward success by educating them in Leadership and other Life skills, setting them apart from others and starting them on their Success Journey.”

If you are the parent of a young lady, I encourage you to visit the ATW website and enroll her in an ATW program.  And if you’re a brother please pass the ATW website onto your sister(s) and parents.”

~Shurman L. Riggins, Executive Director
From The Fire Leadership Academy For Young Men

From The Fire is a Leadership Academy for Young Men (FTF) normally conducted as a two-week boarding program on the campus of Princeton University, however COVID has again forced us into the virtual world.


{N/A For 2022} FireHood Weekend Intensive Program – Aimed at our Alumni Scholars who have attended the Two-Week program, it is dedicated to fostering the FTF Brotherhood, increasing Leadership skills and continued preparation for college/education success and future success in their chosen careers.

8-9th Grade Weekend Intensive Program {July 16-17, 2022} – This intense program is dedicated to exposing our new Scholars to the FTF Curriculum and our FireHood community.  Participating Scholars attend sessions on each of our courses1 and have assignments to complete in a timely manner.

Our 10-12th Grade Two-Week Program {July 10-22, 2022}  – Tailored to 10-12th Grade Scholars this program is the center piece of FTF’s educational arm.  Scholars are immersed in the FTF curriculum1 complete with graded assignments and delivered in a college atmosphere culminating in our Rites of Passage Program (ROP). {ROP details intentionally left out}.  Scholars receive Coaching and Mentoring throughout the program and are given the opportunity to partner with one of our Professors or Teaching Assistants (TA’s) as their Coach/Mentor going forward into our Year Round Program.  Our Year-Round Program is aimed at encouraging Scholars to maintain contact with our Professors, TA’s and each other as they matriculate through high school, college or other higher education and into the professions or entrepreneurship.

 1All programs have instruction in Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Goal Setting, Planning, Critical Reading, Critical Writing, Critical Thinking, Financial Literacy, College Planning and Social Awareness.

From the Fire seeks to nurture and cultivate our Scholars by engrossing them in an enriched learning environment that develops them through a transformative educational experience via rigorous instruction, mentoring and coaching from seasoned influencers culminating in an exceptional Rites of Passage program.

2019 Two Week Program at Princeton University

2021 Two Week and Weekend Intensive Virtual Programs